Not all ARM loans are created equal!

A short and quick introduction.

This short video is intended to peak your interest in the absolute best loan available to military homeowners, the VA Hybrid ARM loan.

Overview of the VA hybrid loan.

It is in your best interest to watch this video in its entirety. After watching this overview, you will know exactly how and why this loan works!

Which is a safer loan? The VA hybrid or the 30 year fixed rate?

It is amazing how many people think that a 30 year fixed rate loan is more stable or safer than a VA Hybrid ARM rate loan. I bet you start to change your mind or question these thoughts immediately after watching this video.


Dispelling the most common myths about the VA hybrid ARM Loan.

What if you found out that most of what you think is wrong with an adjustable rate loan (ARM) is simply just not true? You are a victim of the media spin and basic lies about the mortgage industry.

What really and truly caused the housing crash?

One hint, it was NOT VA hybrid ARMs or ARMs at all.