Review of the Hybrid ARM Mortgage

There are many mortgage products on the market. The Hybrid ARM Mortgage is one of those. It is also one of the best. Veterans find that the Hybrid ARM Mortgage has helped them to save lots of money. Lenders like the hybrid loans because they allow them to provide better rates than with their traditional mortgage products.

If you want peace of mind in a crazy real estate market, the Hybrid ARM Mortgage might be exactly what you're looking for.

The Hybrid ARM Mortgage gives veterans better rates and some other unique features that gives them an edge in borrowing. You will be protected against rising interest rates, you'll have a cap on how high interest rates can go, and your interest rates will start lower. All of this is due to U.S. gov't guarantees.

Let's examine each of these features separately.

1) Cap against raising interest rates. Interest rates can fluctuate many percentage points in a given year. With your VA Hybrid ARM Mortgage it can only climbed 1% in any given year. And this adjustable rate part of your mortgage starts only after an initial period of 3 to 5 years when your rate is fixed.
2) But even if your interest rate keeps climbing for a long period, you have a lifetime cap. On a Hybrid ARM Mortgage this cap is a 5%. This is great protection. If you start at 2.25%, the highest you'll ever go is 7.25%. And of course if the market drops, your interest rate will also drop.
3) The U.S. gov't gives a partial guarantee to veterans. You're qualified lender will be able to give you better rates because of this guarantee.

Arming yourself with information about the Hybrid ARM Mortgage will show you whether or not you can save money.

To summarize, the Hybrid ARM Mortgage will give you a competitive advantage and great value. Contact one of our loan experts to find out more about this product.

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